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iPhone 4S Liquid Damage


iPhone 4S Repairs

If your iPhone has been dropped in any liquid then this is the repair for you. Do Not leave the iPhone on charge or try to turn it on, just turn off the unit and bring it into us asap. Our skilled technician will take the iPhone apart, clean all major components with a solution and then reassemble the phone in a test device. Once the treatment has been carried out we will inform you of any damage and the exact cost of any other repair required. If you chose to not repair the unit we will only have charged you for the liquid treatment. If you do decide to repair the iPhone then we will take the cost of the liquid damage off the cost of any extra parts. Example if you needed a screen and battery after the treatment you would only pay for those parts not the liquid damage treatment. Please feel free to call us and discuss. 

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We can repair your iPhone Screen in 15 minutes. Two great locations Waterlooville and Lakeside 1000 Portsmouth. 

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