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iPhone Repair Doctor News

This is where we post news, tips and tricks. We will also post new repair videos and things we find of interest. Thanks for reading.

Most Unusual iPhone Repair We Have Ever Seen!

Just before Christmas we had this iPhone in for a repair? A picture speaks a thousand words I guess but an iPhone 5s is not bullet proof... Don't try this at home!​Not sure why but there obviously was a good reason.... Got a battered iPhone? Share it with us on our FaceBook page! ​iPhone Battery Replacement Portsmouth​Obvious...
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iPod Classic Headphone Jack Repair

Do you have to wiggle the headphone jack in the socket? Hold the lead in a certain place? ​If your iPod Classic or iPod video is only playing sound of one ear then we can help. At the iPod repair doctor we carry out repairs to all sorts of iPod problems. The problem is caused by damage or wear and tear inside the headphone jack itself. Th...
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Phone Repair Doctor Tempered Glass Test


I left the boys in charge of making a quick video to prove that the tempered glass screen protectors we sell can make a difference in protecting your Phone screen. In no way do we say that a tempered glass screen protector will stop your screen from smashing but a layer on top of your screen to absorb some of the impact makes sense. The idea is that if you drop something on your screen the tempered glass will smash and not your phone screen. The tempered glass also stops you scratching the front screen with coins or your keys etc. When the tempered glass screen protector is fitted to your Phone you will still have the same touch functionality you had originally. Nothing will stop you smashing your phone screen if you drop it on the corner or if the impact is really hard but they are worth the investment. If you have any questions, comments or just want to see them for yourself please pop in to our store Phone Repair Doctor and ask the friendly team . 


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What Can We Fix....?

At the iPhone Repair Doctor we not only repair iPhones. We can repair any brand of phone of tablet providing we can source the part. Our technicians are skilled in the repair of Samsung's, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Sony just to name a few. We can repair or replace your screen, charging port and even liquid damage in most cases. If you have any question...
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Fastest iPhone, iPod & iPad repairs In The South.....

Need your iPhone, iPod or iPad fixed? Don't want to send it away by insurance and have the unit gone for weeks at a time? Here at iPhone Repair Doctor, we believe we could possibly be one of the fastest repairers in the south! We can fix iPhones & iPods within 45-60 minutes when they are bought into our offices. - If you're sending them by post...
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